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August 27-September 3 | Program 6



Pianist, Composer & Director

Analia Goldberg is a pianist, musical director, and composer.  She created and managed the Espacio Oliverio Girondo, a cultural center in Buenos Aires.


She began her piano studies at the age of four. She studied in Germany, at the music conservatory of the city of Wiesbaden. She studied at the Escuela de Música Popular Nicolás Avellaneda, where she studied with Rodolfo Mederos.  She continued improving her piano skills with Susana Agrest and is currently studying composition with Gabriel Senanes.


She recorded six albums as pianist for "Color Tango," with which she also contributed as an arranger and composer.

She created the tango sextet "Ojos de Tango," in which she served as musical director, and performed as part of the cast of Cátulo Tango.


She is currently a teacher in the project Orquestas infantiles y juveniles del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, and Director of the Chino Laborde Orquesta and Sexteto Nuevos ojos.  She is manager and artistic director of the Oliverio Girondo Cultural Center. She also conducts her own orchestra with which she is presenting her new album Tan Goldberg.

Chino Laborde2.jpg


Singer & Actor

One of the most popular tango singers of today, Chino Laborde has recorded more than ten albums and toured nationally and internationally, including throughout South America, the U.S., Europe and Asia.

He won the Konex Award in 2015. Since 1999, he has been the singer of the Orquesta Típica Sans Souci, and has performed in duo with guitarist Dipi Kvitko, since 2003.  For many years, he was the singer of the Orquesta Típica Fernandez Fierro.

He is also an actor with professional experience in theater (El Romance del Romeo y la Julieta, Discepolín y Yo, Minga, Tango y Circo), cinema (Luna de Avellaneda, Tango de una Noche de Verano, Pichuco) and TV (Vientos de Agua and Sarpando Tango).




Cecilia Garcia & Serkan Gokcesu are prominent tango dancers and teachers on the international scene.  They have been part of numerous tango festivals and given workshops throughout the world.  Drawing on their deep understanding of movement, they transmit a dance which is organic, aesthetic and modern.

Cecilia Garcia

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t dance.  I started with folklore, moved through studying music as a pianist, and eventually encountered tango, from which I could never escape.  I am fascinated by a contemporary vision of dance, the evolution of everything regarding somatics, and the immense joy that emanates from a person in movement.  I am a passionate teacher, who adores sharing experiences and accompanying the learning process.  I enjoy the connection and magic that comes from improvisation.  I dance tango.

Serkan Gokcesu

I come from a sports background and started to explore dance through hip hop.  I encountered tango while at University in Turkey.  From that moment on, my life took a new turn, and I threw myself into exploring what dance could offer me.  I believe that changing roles is imperative for a tango dancer or teacher, in order to develop a complete perception of how the couples functions in the dance.  I investigate movement from an interdisciplinary perspective, which gives me a more holistic or integrated view.  I share all of this experience with my students, and everything that connects with it.

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