What does your ticket include?

Your ticket for Program 2 gives you access to:

  • Streamed Concert on Friday, April 23 @ 8 pm New York Time

  • On-demand access all day Saturday, April 24 & Sunday, April 25

Feel free to watch the concert multiple times.  Please don't share the link with anyone else.  If you pay through PATS, your viewing link arrives immediately.  If you pay via paypal, there is likely to be a delay.

Single Program:

$15 USD one viewer

$20 USD multiple people in the same household

Sliding scale payment of any amount welcome.  Use the paypal option below for sliding scale.

Subscription (12 concerts):

$150 USD one viewer

$200 USD multiple people in the same household

If you subscribe to all 12 concerts, you will receive a link to view past concerts on demand.  Currently, that just includes Program 1, which broadcast on March 26-28, 2021.

Preferred Method:

Alternative for International & Sliding Scale: 



In Argentina:


Un concierto - AR$500 por persona 

Un concierto - AR$1,000 dos personas o una entrada con contribución

Suscripcion a 12 conciertos:

This project will rely on both ticket sales and donations to be successful.  

Trouble Registering?


If you have any trouble registering, feel free to call/message Meredith at 1-617-291-3798, by phone or whatsapp.  You can also email

Tango organizers and concert presenters, please contact Meredith if you are interested in streaming a Tango en la Terraza concert as part of your virtual or real-life event.  Thanks!

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