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February 25-March 5 | Program 12

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Vocalist & Guitarist

Floro Aramburu is an Argentine singer, guitarist and composer.  He completed his musical studies at the National Conservatory of Buenos Aires, and has pursued a successful career in Argentina, Spain and France.

During his years living in Madrid, he was part of various musical groups, with which he performed on stages throughout Europe.  Some of the most recognized of these groups include Lotox Tango (Spain), Splendor Tango Club (France), the Fabián Carbone orquesta tipica (Spain) and the SVC Trio (Spain). 

With the Lotox quintet, he recorded the album, “Atendido por sus dueños,” which was supported by the Argentine Embassy in Spain, and which was presented in concerts and festivals throughout Spain, France and England.  Among these concerts was Riña de Tango, an event which launched the concert season in the newly remodeled and prestitious Conde Duque de Madrid.  With the SVC Trio, he recorded the album “Kiokio-Aramburu-Mansilla” for the Spanish label Youkali Music.  The album was named one of the best ten albums of the year by O Recanto de Corcovado, a Spanish radio station specializing in world music, jazz and experimental music.

Since 2015, Floro has once again resided in Buenos Aires.  He currently performs on the city’s diverse stages, sometimes as a soloist, and at other times, as part of a trio with Patricio Crom on guitar and Matías Reynoso on bandoneón.

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Matias Reynoso was born in 1977, in the cradle of a humble family of folkloric dancers.  A multi-instrument musician, Matias plays the bandoneon, guitar, charango, and percussion, and also sings. 


His company, Músicos Nómades, covers both the hidden corners and the main crossroads of South America, evoked by its multivalent sound and interdisciplinary performances, which combine theater and music.  Matias keeps alive the spirit of the old Creole Circuses, with performances that bring together dramaturgy, music performance and story-telling.

His principal teachers include maestro Rodolfo Daluisio (bandoneon), maestros Sergio Tulian, Beatriz Costa and Antonio Seoane (voice), and maestros Javier Bonga and Sergio Ortuño (percussion).  In 2006, he moved to Paris to continue his training in all of these disciplines and to study choral conducting with maestro Ariel Alonso.  Matias is the co-founder of the Orchestre de Tango de Paris, Alfredo Gobbi, and performs as a soloist with the Chamber Orchestra of Geneva.  His numerous theatrical and musical projects have taken him to stages around Europe, Asia, Central America and Canada.  He composed the music for the Skin Territory films, directed by Jean Louis Daniel (2008).

In 2015, he moved back to Buenos Aires, where he continues his work as an artist and educator.  He is currently a Professor of Bandoneon at the National University of the Arts, and a student in the Department of Law.

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Bruno Tombari

I’m Bruno Tombari, a native of the Villa Ortúzar neighborhood in the City of Buenos Aires.

Tango arrived into my life 17 years ago, thanks to my father. Before that, I devoted myself martial arts.

First, I became a student of tango, then a milonguero, and finally a dancer and teacher, and I consider it to be of vital importance to practice and evolve each of those four facets of my dance.  As tango is such a complex and fascinating language, one always discovers something new, and it’s for that reason that I like to define tango as “the art of embraced walking.”

I had the good fortune to be born in a family of artists, including pianists and opera singers.  Because of that, it was simply following family tradition to dedicate my life to art.  I found in tango a marvelous language, and also a vehicle for learning more about myself.  I have also been fortunate to discover the world and its inhabitants through the medium of the embrace.

Rocio Lequio

Tango dancer and teacher, Rocio Lequio began her professional career twelve years ago at DNI Tango.  She has trained with many different teachers, including all the leading artists in tango today.  She has also pursued training in contemporary dance, theater, clown, popping, and hip hop.  Her dance stands out because of her musical interpretation, creativity and stage presence which, joined with a studied technique, allow her to explore a sense of playfulness and fun in each performance.


She has toured throughout Argentina, Europe and Asia, giving workshops and performing.  She has been part of many tango shows, including LA COLECCION (2007 - DNI Tango, Argentina); AREALIDADES (2009 - DNI Tango, Brasil, Suecia, Italia); LA MUSA DEL CAPRICHO (2011 - DNI Tango, Argentina); QUE VES EN MI? (2015, Argentina); NUESTROS AIRES (2015 - Tarbes en Tango, Francia); LUCES DE LA CALLE (2017 - Tarbes en Tango, Francia) TANGO FREESTYLE (2019-2020 - Buenos Aires).


Since 2013, she has co-organized La Mandrilera Milonga.

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