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January 21-28 | Program 11

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Latin-Grammy-Nominee Hugo Satorre was born in Buenos Aires on the July 15, 1977. He began his music education at the Juan José Castro Conservatory in 1993. He studied with the most remarkable bandoneonists of our times including Walter Rios, Carlos Lazzari and Juan José Mosalini.

He has shared the stage with legends of the bandoneon world such as Leopoldo Federico, Emilio Balcarce and Jose Libertela. In 1998 he finished his undergraduate course in Argentine Music at the prestigious Universidad de San Martín. He also obtained a Law Degree in the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 2004.

Hugo has performed in the most prestigious theatres and concert halls throughout the world, such as the Sydney Opera House (Australia), The Esplanade (Singapore), the Walt Disney Hall (Los Angeles, US), Harris Theatre (Chicago, US), Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (Malaysia), Teatro Colón (Buenos Aires, Argentina), the Shanghai Oriental Art Center (Shanghai, China). In March 2012, he was the solo accompanist for Tenor Placido Domingo on stage set up in the widest avenue of the world in Buenos Aires, 9 de Julio Avenue, in front of 120,000 people.

In 2016 he released his first solo album, dedicated solely to the works of the world-renowned arranger Maximo Mori. Hugo is the 2013 Latin Grammy nominee with his "Duo Ramírez-Sattorre, Piazzolla de Camara”. He is also a member of these international tango projects: Quatrotango (2003-2011), Orquesta Victoria (2008-2020), Duo Ramirez Satorre ( 2005-present), Otros Aires (2004-2013), Latin grammy winer Tanghetto (2003-2006), La Tubatango (2004-2011) and “Tango Fire” (2005-2016). He also has a Duo with guitarist Emiliano Faryna.

Hugo is a dedicated pedagogue in bandoneon education. He has compiled and written 10 books (more to be released soon) free for download for the international bandoneon community in multiple languages in his website He currently teaches bandoneón, tango history and musicality for dancers all over the world.




Emiliano Faryna was born in Buenos Aires in 1980. He is a composer, arranger and performer, who plays popular music on classical guitar, electric guitar and on guitarron.

Emiliano plays and arranges a wide range of Argentine rhythms for diverse groups. Some of his main projects include:

  • Trio de Guitarras - Tango: Classic & new works

  • Faryna/Satorre Duo - Tango: A bandoneon-guitar duo, playing danceable music

  • Rudi Flores Trio - Chamame: A guitar trio

  • Ventarron & Varela - Tango: Playing tango in a modern style

  • Colacho Brizuela Quartet - Tango & Folklore: An instrumental group, including guitars and double bass

  • Alejandro Brittes - Chamame: A tipical chamame group, playing music from Corrientes

  • Luisa Calcumil - Patagonian Folklore: Playing music from the South of Argentina

  • Un Vagon de Tango - Tango: A Piazzolla-style Quintet

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Born in Diamante, Entre Rios, Moira Castellano began studying classical and Spanish dances at age 5.  When she was a teenager, her family moved to the city of Rosario, where she completed her dance studies at the Escuela Municipal de Danzas de Rosario.

She graduated with a degree in Psychology from the National University of Rosario. At age 21, she took her first tango class with Maestro Orlando Paiva in Rosario.

She arrived in Buenos Aires to train with the most prestigious teachers, such as Eduardo Arquimbao, Roberto Herrera and Vanina Bilous, Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games, Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas, and others.

In 2000, she moved to Paris, where she performed with the company Quatre Arts, directed by Catherine Berbesou, fusing contemporary dance and tango, in shows including Valser, A fuego lento and Flor de Cactus, touring in the most prestigious contemporary dance festivals and stages such as the Teatre de la Ville in Paris. She has also participated in the transmission and teaching of tango in France and other European cities.

Moira has toured with Juanito Juarez, with the electronic tango group ¨Gotan Project¨, in venues such as the Palau de la Musica (Barcelona), the Roundhouse and Shepherd Bush Empire (London).

She is part of the company Union Tanguera, directed by Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega, in the shows ¨Proyecto Tango ¨ and ¨Tango vivo¨, presented at the Biennale de la Danse de Lyon. She formed tango couple with several renowned artists such as Pablo Inza with whom she participates in various shows, among which stands out the one created by them especially for an event at the Royal House of Queen Maxima in Amsterdam.

With Gaston Torelli, participating in festivals in USA, Asia and Europe. Co-creator of the Misterio Tango Festival for 5 years that would take place in Buenos Aires in February of each year with more than 50 artists on stage and in seminars.

Currently with her partner, the dancer and teacher Javier Rodriguez, she tours the most important national and international festivals. Their experience, quality of dance and teaching create one of the most renowned and prestigious couples.

Eventually she also shares stages and classes with another reference in tango, Mariano Chicho Frumboli, with whom she is in an artistic search on tango and theater, opening spaces to new ways of expression.


Moira Castellano has been on the tango dance scene for more than 25 years, and is one of the world's leading tango dancers today.

German Salvatierra, a professional actor and dancer, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

He graduated from the Dramatic Arts National School, where he was part of their Mime Theater Company. He has worked as an actor since 1994 participating in several plays, in renowed Argentinean institutions such as the Cervantes National Theater and Complejo Teatral de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. As an actor, he specializes in clown technique, focusing particularly on corporal expression and training for actors and dancers. As an actor, he also worked in Brasil and Europe, including many major theater festivals.

He has taught and performed for several years in Buenos Aires, including participation in several major festivals such as CITA and Campeonato Mundial de Tango. Touring in Europe he has quickly gained renown for his fluid, dynamic and fresh style as well as entrancing performances that combine Tango, Clown and Theatrical elements.

As an instructor, he focuses on tango structure and technique, guiding students to find channels of communication with their partners and develop their own personality.

German's tango springs from the traditional spirit while simultaneously exploring its dynamics and looking for new possibilities. His education reflects his eclectic style and extensive knowledge of various tango techniques; among his main influences, he includes Pupi Castelo, Graciela Gonzalez, Carlos Gavito, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Chicho Frumboli, Ricardo Barrios, Carlos Rivarola, Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega Carlitos and Rosita Perez, Coca and Osvaldo. 

From 2004 through the present, in addition to his extensive work in Buenos Aires, German has taught and performed in Tango and Theater Festivals in many other cities, including Berlin, Hamburg, Warsaw, Brussels, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev,  Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Palermo, Rome, Milano, Amsterdam, London, Sttutgart, Torino, Padova, Cittadella, Bologna, Napoles, Bordeaux, Minsk, and Tel Aviv.

He has been honored to work with Cirque de Soleil on some of their shows.  He has also been studying Balinese Mask Technique, and developing a career as a theater writer/director, as well.

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