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July 23-30 | Program 5



Vocalist, Guitarist & Composer

Musician, guitarist, singer, composer, producer and arranger, Jerónimo has released nine albums, five in solo format - "El otro", "Martes", "Sur-venir", "Diversiones Uno" and "Conectado" - and four with different groups - "Venimo ́ al mango", "Hacer haciendo", "Siete" and "Familia."  Jerónimo is an ideologist and producer of the solidarity project "luz al instante", inspired by Luis Alberto Spinetta.


As a producer and arranger he has worked on the records of many different artists, including Marcos Cabezaz, Octavio Caruso, Adrian Berra, Matias Pozo, Correntada Folclore, Olivia Houssay, Martin Robbio, and Orquesta Sudamericana, among others. He was a member of the Orquesta Sudamericana conducted by Nora Sarmoria for 7 years. He has composed music for film, television and advertising.


His music can be heard at

Olivia (2).jpg


Vocalist & Composer

Between popular and contemporary music, Olivia has been part of many different groups.  From 2014 to 2017, she led the group "Olivia Houssay with the Cuarteto No Típico de Cuerdas", with which she released the album Otoño (2015).  On that album, she recorded her first compositions. From 2012 to 2016, she was part of "La Colmena" (Female Vocal Ensemble), with whom she released "Oilando" (2015).


She was part of the "Orquesta de Instrumentos Autóctonos y Nuevas Tecnologías" and the tango groups "Niños bien" and "Historias de Tango".  She shared with Jerónimo Guiraud the folk fusion projects "Sinviola" and "Vuelo Adentro" with which they released 3 albums. 


She has performed in different bars and theaters of the Buenos Aires scene as well as in milongas in Buenos Aires and Uruguay. His music can be heard at

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Inés Muzzopappa is a Tango Argentino dancer and instructor. She started her path in tango when she was 14 years. In 2007, she won first prize in the World Tango Championship along with Dante Sanchez.  In that moment, she decided to became a professional tango dancer.

From then on, she started to teach and dance all over the world at the most renowned Tango Festivals and Tango events.

Inés and Corina have been teaching and performing together sporadically since 2015. Every time they organized something together, the encounter was powerful and enriching. So it was that in 2019, they decided it was a good idea to formalize their project as dance partners. Since then, they have performed and taught in Argentina, and Europe, and have participated in movies and videos.


Nowadays, because of pandemic, they are teaching online and performing in beautiful online events like Tango en La Terraza <3

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-27 at 9.52.16 AM.



Corina Herrera is a young tango dancer and teacher with a long trajectory. She started dancing tango at 9 years old. Since she was a teen, tango has been her profession.


In the present, she is invited to different events around the world to teach and make performances  in both roles of tango.

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