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June 25-July 2 | Program 4

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Eleonora Barletta is an actress and singer. Since 2003, she has devoted herself to tango and since then has developed a growing artistic career with two albums released: Eleonora Barletta (Universal Records) in 2009, and Mujeraje (Pichucho Records) in 2013. She has toured Greece, Spain, Peru, Chile and Argentina. She was a guest singer on several occasions with the Sexteto Mayor and the Juan de Dios Filliberto Orchestra, and has also participated in the most important tango shows in Buenos Aires such as ¨Rojo Tango¨ at El Cabaret, Hotel Faena and Esquina Homero Manzi, among others. She performs as a soloist and as a singer of Horacio Romo Sexteto, embracing a career as a performer, lyricist and composer. Her voice, powerful and warm, allows her to be adaptive in her nuances and detailed with her words.  While always respecting technique, she looks to use it in function of the story to be told.  Her aesthetic has a theatrical imprint and focuses on expressing the essential in each piece. Offering the audience her sensitivity and imagination, Eleanora synthesizes her way of living and feeling music in her presentations and albums.

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Guitarist, Teacher, Arranger & Composer

Ariel Argañaraz is a guitarist, teacher, arranger and composer, born in the city of Buenos Aires where he currently resides. His musical work is focused on Argentine music, particularly tango.  He has appeared on more than 60 albums of national and international artists (Lidia Borda, Gustavo Santaolalla, Ariel Ardit, and Franco Luciani, among many others). He has toured Latin America, Europe and Asia. His own albums include: Lúdico (2009), Trío (2011), and Alucinado (2013). In 2010, he was selected to artistically represent Argentina at Expo Shanghai (China). He is currently part of the group of Lidia Borda, Rita Cortese and Cristina Banegas, Noelia Moncada and is preparing his second instrumental album.

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Dancer, Yogi and Therapist, Marina Kenny is passionate about movement, wellness and personal development.  She promotes a more conscious and fulfilling life through the encounter with one's own body, music, movement and conscious breathing.  She accompanies people who seek to create a better relationship with their body, take care of their well-being and live a fuller life. You can learn more about Marina on her website.

Born in Buenos Aires in the sixties, and raised in the very porteño neighborhood of Almagro, Gustavo Rember used to listen to tangos with his father when he was a child.
Despite having ventured into other genres such as rock, and having graduated as an engineer and teacher, his interest in tango never stopped, especially the part that is dance.

The list of tango dance teachers with whom he studied is endless. Over time he began to perform, mainly with Elina Ruiz and Marina Kenny, in places such as La Viruta, Salón Canning, Milonga Animal, Milonga La Pipetuá, DNI Práctica, and others. He has also found time for teaching tango, in several spaces in Argentina and, also, abroad.

Since March 2020, he has been part of the Virtual Tango Festival for Philadelphia Argentine Tango School, and took part in virtual classes, radio appearances, podcasts, and the streaming show Tango en la Terraza.

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