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September 24 - October 1 | Program 7

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Mariana Mazú recently won the Gardel Award for Best Tango Album & Artist 2021.


She is a singer and psychologist. She spent her childhood in Ohiggins, province of Buenos Aires surrounded by music, in general, but with a strong tango influence. Since she was a child and in a playful way, she began to sing tangos with her father and siblings. In her first album "La Bella Indiferencia" produced by Acho Estol, the singer covers songs that have accompanied her throughout her life with a versatile and fresh style crossing different genres such as Foxtrot, Cumbia, Tangos and Waltzes.

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Musician, composer, arranger, conductor & teacher

Jose Teixidó is a musical director, arranger, composer and guitarist. He trained in popular music with the most important masters of Argentina. He has specialized in the music of the Rio de la Plata region and Latin America. With a particular vision of Argentine popular music, his compositions and arrangements stand out for their integration of the academic and the popular. Many of his compositions and arrangements have been recorded and performed in various countries in Europe and America. 

Since 2008, he has directed the group AMORES TANGOS, with which he has released four albums and a DVD: "Orquesta de Carnaval", nominated for the Carlos Gardel Awards (2011), "Altamar" nominated for the Estrella de Mar Awards (2013), the DVD "Amores Tangos VIVO" (2015) and "Fronterabierta" (2017). Between 2010 and 2020 Jose Teixidó, together with Amores, performed in Festivals and Theater all over Latin America and toured Europe nine times. In 2016, he gave an exclusive concert for Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones musicians in the city of Buenos Aires, together with Amores Tangos. 

From 2006 to 2012 he served as musical director and arranger of Soledad Villamil, with whom he recorded three albums, "Soledad Villamil Canta" and "Morir de Amor" (both received the Carlos Gardel Award 2008 and 2010, the highest award of the Argentine music industry) and "Canción de viaje" (2012). He also worked with bandoneonist and singer Rubén Juárez, with whom he recorded the DVD Rubén Juárez Vivo at the Teatro Argentino de La Plata.

In 2019 he composed the music for the ballet "Tango Woman Ballet" which was premiered by the Spanish company Pasodos Dance Company in Palma de Mallorca, Teatro Auditorium. Also in 2019 he presented his first Musical Book Album "All you need is love" for Editorial Nazhira.




Los Totis (Virginia Gómez & Christian Márquez) are renowned for their strength, maturity and defined tango style.  They have been working together since 1997, participating in many important national and international shows, directed by prominent dancers and choreographers.

Since 2002, they have been traveling to different cities in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, to give workshops and participate in tango festivals.  In 2006, they were invited to be the lead couple of the video clip ¨Diferente¨ by Gotan Project.

In Buenos Aires, they are invited to participate in the most important tango festivals such as CITA, Tango Salón Extremo, Argentina Tango Salón, and Mujercitas, among others.  They also travel to different cities in the country to transmit their knowledge to new generations of tango dancers.

They are regularly invited by the Government of Buenos Aires to serve on the jury of the Metropolitan Tango Championship and World Tango Championship.

Their dance is characterized by the precision and quality of their movements.  They are beloved for their elegance, musicality, and the way they distill and preserve the purest essence of tango.

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